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CityFibre Christmas Connections.


CityFibre is the UK’s third largest national digital infrastructure provider, and as part of ongoing support we regularly develop seasonal creative campaigns to spread the word about the best in class full fibre broadband network the company is installing across the UK.

In December 2020, we were tasked with capturing the festive spirit of community and connection at a time when we were all likely to be spending the big day apart due to lockdown restrictions. But that made our digital connectivity all the more important - an emotional, relatable hook for our campaign.

We took the importance of those Christmas connections - across iPads, consoles, video calls and texts - and created a video-led campaign showing CityFibre as the solution, and encouraging email registration or direct sign-ups with CityFibre’s service provider partner, Vodafone.

The results of the six week campaign period were impressive, especially with just a £3,000 spend:

• Over 1.2 million impressions
• 2% campaign clickthrough rate
• 521 people registered with CityFibre
• 318 people clicked through to Vodafone signup
• 66% campaign conversion rate