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Be More Campaign.


Bluebeam is the market-leader in construction-industry mark-up software in the US. The issue was that it wasn’t elsewhere in the world. In fact, its brand awareness was hugely variable – ranging from market leader to total unknown depending on the territory. Bluebeam wanted to deliver a global creative campaign – but first needed to find a consistent way of talking to multiple audiences.


First we focused on helping them define the messaging they wanted to communicate. We ran three brand workshops spanning key stakeholders from each global region (US, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America and Nordics) with the aim of exploring both the market maturity of each region in regards to construction, and the type of message that would best resonate culturally.

We then took that research and learnings and applied them into a campaign strategy, a central tenet of which was a messaging matrix that tailored and tiered key messages according to marketing maturity. This meant that a single global campaign could be created with brand consistency, and yet still account for the variations in brand awareness in each global region.

We then went on to collaborate with Bluebeam’s internal team to develop a benchmark creative campaign which could be adapted globally. The ‘Be More’ campaign built on the messaging developed in the previous stage, translating into OOH and social executions.