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Started from the bottom, now we’re here.

Generation Logistics

Logistics UK and CILT came to us with both a problem, and a solution. They’d recognised that their sector, logistics, was struggling to attract new talent into the industry. They saw skills shortage driven by a wider awareness and image problem.


But they had a plan. Backed by the Government, and a whole range of sponsors that represented a who’s who of global logistics employers (Amazon, DHL, Europa, Tesco, Asda, Wincanton and over 25 more), they wanted to create an awareness and education initiative around the career opportunities of the sector.

Enter ilk.


Our job was to brand the initiative, create its visual identity and then deliver a whole suite of ongoing campaign content and comms activity.


Our first focus was to understand the audience. We did so by commissioning consumer research. As well as providing an insight upon which our work could be built, we also wanted it to function as a perception benchmark, against which we’d be able to compare with research at the end of the project.


With the insight completed (validating the concerns the client came to us with), we got down to business.

Generation Logistics.


A huge part of our task was to name the initiative. We needed something that was naturally broad, able to comfortably cover a wide diversity of roles and careers, and yet simultaneously suggested a collective or cause that would be easy to engage with… like Generation Logistics.


We accompanied it with a deliberately simple, block text mono logo, with an additional animated stamp roundel based around the message ‘Push your boundaries’. The visual identity was then further complemented with an orange accent colour (used throughout the brand to provide emphasis where needed) and graphic ‘vortex’ texture.

Started from the bottom, now we’re here.
Started from the bottom, now we’re here.



Our first expression of the brand was a dynamic introductory video, bringing messaging and visual identity together in a snapshot of what Generation Logistics was all about. From there we designed, wrote and developed a website packed with features including a career quiz tool, an interactive infographic to help explain how the sector works and, crucially, direct links through to real-time job opportunities.


The site launched in August of 2022, and has been supported by an ongoing organic and paid social activity, proactive and reactive PR & Media relations, a roster of seasonal creative content across both the website and social channels, and an out-of-home creative campaign including radio advertising and six-sheets.

At the end of Y1 we’d exceeded all of our targets, with end-of-year benchmarking research suggesting an 11% increase in brand awareness and an 140% increase in brand sentiment with our target audience.