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My Windows & Me.

The Residence Collection

The Residence Collection are experts at what they do – designing beautiful and functional windows and doors in keeping with the heritage styles often required for properties in conservation areas and listed locations.


It’s our job to help them connect that expertise with customers, both B2C end users and B2B installers in their industry.

Across 2023, that meant a series of targeted, seasonally-sensitive campaigns themed around ‘My Windows & Me’…


  • Dressing Windows
  • Spring Cleaning
  • Boosting Home Value
  • Replacing Home Items
  • Heat Loss Through Windows


Each campaign was aimed at a clear cut press niche, based on research, search data and industry insight. And each contributed to a year in which the coverage and results rolled in, leading The Residence Collection to commit to taking ‘My Windows & Me’ onward into 2024.