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Destination Milton Keynes

Destination: Milton Keynes is a membership organisation that promotes leisure, hospitality and tourism vital to their city’s growth and ambition. They needed a new website fit for that future, with a brand that could communicate on social too.

We started from scratch with a clean, new identity, then rolled it out across a site heavy on hero imagery and inspiring copy. Behind the scenes, we dramatically increased site speed by moving to cloud based hosting, and optimised the experience for mobile users too.

We also empowered the DMK team to create and upload their own content, building on our SEO optimisation to keep things fresh and relevant as the country unlocks. Ad space was introduced to allow for a revenue stream from members too. Finally, we created assets and copy for a social campaign to pull it all together, finding users looking to plan trips and book stays once able.


Results on launch (September 2020):


• 18.3k users of which 17.6k were new users
• 42.1k page views
• 21.9k sessions
• 10.6k arriving via organic search – their highest acquisition channel
• 20,896 engagements across social
• 145,312 impressions across regional paid campaigns