Video & Animation

Zoom Faces.


With video calling suddenly such a massive part of home and work life, we felt there was an opportunity for CityFibre to create some fun creative content.

We pitched the idea of creating a suite of short social assets that show why having a full fibre broadband connection would really pay off when it comes to Zoom, Hangouts, Teams or any other video call platforms.

We created four mini videos, each offering a different snapshot of the sort of connection-related frustrations that’ll be familiar to so many – but that would never happen with CityFibre full fibre broadband infrastructure. Each video/post would then link through to a residential sign-up page.

Produced and conceived during lockdown, this was even more of an in-house production than normal – with the whole production happening remotely from the comfort of our own homes. Like our NZF Zakat animation, it’s another example of ilk finding creative solutions to the restrictions and challenges of the pandemic.


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