An online home for a groundbreaking NHS project.


Helm is a groundbreaking NHS project in Leeds aiming to bring together an array of personal health records for the benefit of users, practitioners and researchers. A way of bringing data under control, and giving access to services and support all in one place.


The project launched before our involvement, but we were asked to help provide a suitable online home for Helm to scale up, reach new audiences and communicate clearly with users. We began by refining existing branding, and outlining a sitemap with the space to tell Helm’s story – what it is, why it’s so vital, and how users can get involved.

As a way of improving representation and accessibility, we created custom illustrations, a refined user journey, and a simplified menu structure. All our work kept in mind the project’s key aim – Helm is for everyone. Design was kept simple and clean, and a new tone of voice introduced through friendly but authoritative copy.

Though the site appears simple, development was more complex, with challenges including integrating the NHS registration system, and linking to a high volume of reference material within clickable text and the menu structure. We also ran a CMS training session to run staff through the WordPress CMS, and to enable them to maintain and add to the site in the future. A site built to last, for a project ready to scale up.