Social & Paid Media

Moving comms online for lockdown.


As part of our ongoing work with CityFibre, the UK’s third national digital infrastructure provider, we’re used to helping craft messaging that hits home with customers and residents. As the company develops fully connected Gigabit Cities through full fibre broadband, there’s bound to be disruption – and a chat on the doorstep with local residents is usually the best way to give them the right information, and provide much needed reassurance. But lockdown has put paid to that.

We were tasked with moving that wide scale customer information campaign online, using the social media channels we’re already responsible for managing. So we developed a reactive strategy based around social advertising, designed to show ads to demographics in specific postcodes in 19 of the cities CityFibre class as pre-build.


Each ad set was created to be city-specific, tailored to the audience on a city and district level to ensure maximum engagement. For example… ‘Beeston, we’re coming for you as part of our Leeds build!’ Ads were updated each week to match activity in new postcodes, following build progress in real time.


The first six weeks of activity have been a success, reaching thousands of residents and putting CityFibre on the front foot. We’re now planning for the long term, working on new split testing and strategies to drive results even higher.

Sarah Ruddy, Senior Marketing Manager, said: “We’ve worked with ilk on our social media strategy for a couple of years and they have been instrumental in helping us scale and get the most from our investment. Our business had planned ahead for the COVID-19 outbreak and it was great that ilk could react quickly to our changing needs during lockdown measures. The campaign has provided excellent ROI and enabled us to prove concept for the future. It’s also given us invaluable insight into our local markets. The team at ilk have been fantastic through the whole lockdown period, and have remained as creative and as easy to work with as ever.”