Branding & Creative, Strategy


A big UK retailer wanted a fun, contemporary plant based burger brand for the freezer aisle.

One that would channel developing food and eating trends; one that would give veggies another option beyond bean burgers and Quorn; and one that would be tasty enough to give flexitarians a real dilemma.

We defined the brand through big blocks of vibrant pastel colours, punctuated by chunky Futura typography and messaging, both reflecting a suite of pop culture references orientated to our millennial and gen Z target consumers.

The logo lock up was the centrepiece: a combination of colour and tumbling type, underlined by a silhouette frying icon that we used liberally across packaging and POS examples.

In the end it didn’t fly. But hey, in our minds, it’s soaring off the shelves and above the aisles (on big hanging banners).