Strategy, Video & Animation

A new face for an established product.


Wienerberger is a widely known and trusted name in the construction industry, and it was that reputation for care and responsibility we were asked to use as the focus for a campaign relaunching an established product – Corium, a brick tile facade system. The product, and the project itself, was also a partnership between distributors Taylor Maxwell, another trusted name and a real asset to the brief.

With a decade on the market, it was obvious that Corium was a proven entity. But the relaunch coincided with the award of BBA certification, a strict industry marker that ensures fire safety, durability and quality. With this evidence in mind, we created a campaign that focussed on what both companies, and the system, achieves. Over & Above.

Each aspect of the system’s USPs were drawn out, with evidence taken directly from the BBA certificate in clear and concise language. Over & above on performance, on aesthetics and on safety. The design style focussed on blue skies and inspiring buildings at height viewed from the ground, echoing the messaging found in the copy.

The campaign was rolled out across a full range of executions, from snappy social tiles to a full print brochure and landing page, carried by both Wienerberger and Taylor Maxwell. We captured footage of Corium clad buildings for video, perfect for web and social. Two clients, one campaign, and a system set for years to come.