Digital, Video & Animation

A new social platform to promote change.


NHS ‘The Edge’ was an outdated web platform with the aim of engaging healthcare professionals and patients on change issues throughout the UK. When the NHS needed to take its concept to the next level to increase use and engagement it came to us to rebrand, rebuild, and re-launch the website.

To make users feel like a real part of the change process, we created an accessible social media-style site empowering people to create, share, and engage with content through a community hub. This was supported with a series of global online collaboration events as well as social campaigns aimed at giving both patients and healthcare professionals a voice. A healthy outcome driven by best practice digital marketing.

  • User sessions increased by 280%
  • Unique users increased by 220%
  • Average time spent on the site increased by 41%
  • On-site engagement increased with people ‘liking’ and sharing content outside the realms of the site