Video & Animation

International Women’s Day 2018.


As part of a wider HR campaign, Wienerberger wanted to promote gender diversity in STEM industries and asked for our help in developing engaging social media content featuring valued female employees.

We focused on producing an inspiring and honest video piece which hears from two women who make a big difference at Wienerberger. We produced a lead campaign video, and two full-length interviews aimed at encouraging future generations of women to realise their ambitions, even in traditionally male-dominated industries like manufacturing.

We developed the concept, then prepared and executed a full day shoot involving several sites, filming locations and interviewees. We edited the three executions and designed social tiles, all ready to roll out in time for the important annual celebration.

From brief to post, the project was turned around in just under two weeks, proving what can be achieved with a bit of creativity and a whole lot of hard work.

International Women’s Day 2018.