Video & Animation

LoveBroccoli & Veggie Xmas Classics.


Retail brand Hi-Veg launched into Morrisons in Autumn 2020. We’ve been working with the Hi-Veg team to manage, create and deliver a social content strategy that builds brand awareness and engagement.

On the back of a successful Halloween video campaign, we were looking to follow it up with some fun Christmas content – irreverent in topic, and yet able to develop both brand tone and personality.

So we did the obvious thing. We reimagined and reanimated the Love Actually film trailer with vegetable movie stars (LoveBroccoli), and then wrote, designed and recorded a bargain-bin worthy Christmas album advert, complete with veggie-fied seasonal song lyrics and singing.

Okay, that’s two things, and neither of them is that obvious, but both gave us ample opportunity to deliver content that was on-brand, and yet escapist and silly. At a time when the escapist and silly has never been more needed.

We used each piece of content as part of a loosely connected social campaign, with the album ad being released in early December and LoveBroccoli following in the days before Christmas.