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Plant-powered tastiness.


Dopsu is a plant-based food brand we created from scratch (name, proposition, visual identity, the whole shebang) and launched into the market in 2020.


Throughout 2020 and 2021 we worked alongside our client to introduce the brand to consumers; to build awareness in key national retailers and create a strong, engaged and relevant social community.


By the start of 2022, we entered the next phase of activity: stunts, brand ambassadors and new product development.

The World Food Challenge (ft. Fred Siriex)


Towards the end of 2021 the Dopsu worked with Tess Daly on a series of recipe videos. This time round, in conjunction with the PR agency, Nexus, Fred Sirieix was onboard.


The premise of World Food Challenge was to deliver a Masterchef-style format featuring six foodie influencers as contestants and Fred as the host. The contestants were set a mission to create a fresh Dopsu recipe to be cooked live on the day, with Fred interviewing them during the cooking phase, and then taking his place as part of the judging panel alongside Matt Pritchard (aka The Dirty Vegan) and food writer Sabrina Ghayour.

Our mission was to make it happen: to coordinate, film, direct and deliver the format in such a way to ensure that we got a host of content for Dopsu’s social channels (and the sort that aligned with our ongoing social and comms strategy). We planned the day meticulously, storyboarding shots, working and reworking the scheduling (it was a lot to get in the single day), set dressing as required and live posting on social media throughout the filming.


The result was a suite of both long and short form content that, by all metrics, did the business.


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Kebab a la karte (ft. Fred again)


With Fred once again on the team, we got involved with a PR stunt in which Dopsu delivered a one day central London pop-up to offer free giveaways of a Dopsu plant-based kebab. We produced the creative and messaging for both the interior and exterior fit out. Live, laugh, kebab. Meatless, plateness, greatness. Have yourself a Kebabaganza. That sort of thing.


With Fred there to ensure all kebabs were served with a liberal squirt of Gallic charm, and a DJ present to deliver PARTY VIBES all day long, the crowds flocked. We’re talking over 400 kebabs served, with 23kg of Dopsu munched – all of which was captured in our video of the day, which, if we do say so ourselves, came out rather nicely.

NPD [ft. mince & balls]


We’ve also been busy with packaging, as the Dopsu retail range expanded beyond its initial launch SKUs.


Now on sale in national retailers, we designed, wrote and artworked the packaging sleeves for both the Dopsu No-Beef Mince and the Dopsu No-Beef Balls – and delivered a suite of activity on social and the website to publicise the launch.