Digital, Strategy

Polishing up a growing beer industry brand.

SSV Limited

SSV Limited is a rapidly growing business making big moves in the beer industry. As a leading importer of stainless steel tanks for brewing, everyone from craft pioneers to established family firms were placing orders, so a brand and website fit for a shiny future were required.


The small team’s passion and personality won us over, so translating that in print and physical exhibition space was our first challenge. Luckily, their products (huge, shiny tanks) are more than impressive, so giving hero imagery space to shine with bold, clear design worked wonders.

After introducing ambitious new messaging and tone of voice, we produced everything from booklets and leaflets to a showstopping stand ready to tour the industry’s shows and conventions.


With the show on the road, we went to work on SSV Limited’s online home – a draw for clients of all shapes and sizes, showcasing craft and quality alongside an innovative eCommerce function for parts.


WordPress gave us the accessibility SSV Limited needed, with team members able to update and add content in-house. An integrated Shopify platform provided a seamless user experience in the frontend, with an intuitive combination of onsite engagement and sales data in the backend.


The orders have been flying – and tanks filling – ever since.