Digital, Strategy, Video & Animation

Entire cities, seamlessly connected.


CityFibre needed a big marketing push to support a big UK expansion. Looking to target the B2C market for the first time, it asked us to deliver a major creative campaign to help explain, promote and define the benefit of Gigabit Cities, and the broadband infrastructure that supports it.

Our response was multi-channel and truly integrated, spanning every one of the services we offer. Working to an overarching strategy that focused on relating CityFibre’s core offering to everyday domestic realities, we created a suite of five promotional videos based around a fictional family, the Rushdens. Each video used a different member of the family to showcase the potential impacts of Gigabit Cities.

This was created in parallel with an interactive, animated map – an online tool in which we would not only embed the finished videos, but offer users the chance to explore what a Gigabit City actually is, as well as also hosting a whole library of city-specific content – such as case studies of businesses already benefiting from Gigabit broadband. The map was the focal point of our redesign and build of the ‘city’ pages of the CityFibre website.

With the videos and map as key assets, we also deliver on-going strategic management of CityFibre social. This includes content planning, coordinating campaign launches as well as working closely with CityFibre’s internal teams to ensure consistency of approach.