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Long-time collaborator ABP had developed a range of vegetable based recipes they wanted to launch into the retail market.

They asked us to create a brand that would hone in on nutrition, flavour and convenience in a way that would challenge assumptions and misconceptions that veg-based products were a) just for veggies or vegans and b) could never make for a really delicious meal.

We came up with Hi-Veg, creating a look, feel and tone designed to deliberately reject any polarising meat vs veg themes, and instead engage by giving consumers straight answers to simple, direct questions:

Is it delicious? Is it healthy? Is it easy to cook?

We built the brand on that foundation, developing everything from the name, logo, messaging, TOV and guidelines, right through to key brand outputs such as photography, SKU packaging, the website (both design and build) and launch assets, including a custom-shot slow-motion-inspired brand video.

The brand was launched into UK supermarkets (initially Morrisons) in September 2020, and we are continuing to support it with ongoing comms and social campaign activity.

This activity included a Halloween campaign based around three short videos: talking head interviews with various ghouls, each discussing their troubled relationship with vegetables.

These delivered:

• A reach of over 54,000 in areas around stockist stores
• Facebook cost per view average £0.01 (the lowest possible)
• 986 engagements across Facebook and 70% increase in page views
• An Instagram reach increase of 2200% and and 81% increase in interactions