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A multi-customer website.


ABP UK wanted a website that would allow it to differentiate itself from ABP Group, while still staying true to Group level brand guidelines. It required a site that could speak to all segments of its business: to potential and existing retail customers, to potential and existing foodservice and wholesale customers and, finally, to potential and existing farmers.

While we knew we couldn’t easily tailor messaging to all of these segments, we thought we could use the segmentations to help organise the content that a user encounters. With that in mind we created a pop-up multiple choice overlay for first-time visitors, and then a checkerboard homepage that’s able to organise and coordinate relevant content according to how our user identifies themselves through that prior pop-up overlay.

The design was deliberately bright and engaging while the structural nature of the site, following on from that initial user segmentation, focused on creating clear and simple user pathways.