Posted on: 01.02.2019

10 of the Best from 50 Weeks that Were

To celebrate our 50th TWTW Blog, (because what’s a milestone without a celebration?) we’re mixing it up this week with a roundup of our Top 10 TWTW moments…

 1. FCK

Remember when KFC ran out of chicken? How could you not?

People were ranting on Twitter, calling the police and even resorting to going to *whispers* Burger King for their fried food treat (God forbid).

But it was KFC’s crisis control that really got us talking in the office, making this one of our top 10 TWTW moments…

As they say, honesty is the best policy.


 2. Something to Make your Heart Melt

Now if you’re an avid follower of ilk’s social channels (and why wouldn’t you be?) you’d know that we’re a rather dog-friendly office.

Whether we’re documenting our office dog Charlie’s day-to-day shenanigans, or photographing his canine friends around the Dock, we’re all over it.

Which means when it comes to campaigns involving doggos, they instantly catch our attention.

And so, our second top TWTW moment comes in at Week #25 with Pedigree’s adorable campaign was created to combat loneliness in older people by helping them to meet up with dogs in their areas.

Just adorable.


 3. The One where Ross was Caught Stealing

Another one of our favourite TWTW moments was the week that everybody thought Friends star David Schwimmer had been stealing some beers in Blackpool.


But the icing on the cake was Schwimmer’s response to the allegations, in which he recreated the CCTV video, and commended the Blackpool police for their hard work.


…it’s still uncanny.


 4. Moves Like May

How could we not include the moment that the nation stopped arguing about Brexit to revel in the Prime Minister’s… interesting dance moves.


The controversial dancing queen busted out her unusual moves not once, but to our delight (or horror?), twice during her trip to Africa last August.

And with that, became a meme forever.

We even took our own spin on it in our #12DaysOfChristmas campaign (apologies for the shameless plug).


 5. Love is in the Bin

Coming in at number 5 is everybody’s favourite anonymous artist, Banksy, with his nefarious move to shred his own painting at an auction back in October.

One comms agency boss described it as ‘PR Stunt of the Year,’ and despite the artwork being classified as ‘destroyed,’ the painting actually gained value.

Fair play, Banksy.


 6. Giant Baby Trump  

For our sixth top moment, we’re throwing it back to TWTW #24.

This was the week in which one absolute legend created a large blimp in the shape of president Trump dressed in a nappy, to protest the president’s contentious first visit to the UK.

The six-metre high balloon took off in front of The Houses of Parliament amongst thousands of protestors, causing quite the scene.


 7. The Real John Lewis

Our next top moment was a brilliant move from social giant, Twitter who noticed a user unfortunately named ‘John Lewis’ (his exact twitter handle is: @johnlewis) who was receiving an unusual number of mentions from customers mistaking him for the popular retail brand.  

Now everyone knows that in the run up to the festive season, there’s only one advert that matters. The John Lewis Christmas Advert.

But this year, Twitter beat them to it with their very own festive ad, featuring their lovely friend, John. John Lewis. Not John Lewis.



Bravo, Twitter, Bravo.


 8. sggerG

We’re huge fans of Greggs’ PR and social team.

From their clever social responses to creative steak-bake-themed memes, they’re a sassy bunch.

But our favourite TWTW Greggs moment was the week that the Newcastle store reversed their shop logo so that it would reflect in Fenwick’s famous Christmas window across the street.


*Round of Applause*


 9. It Nearly Came Home

It wouldn’t be a roundup of our favourite moments without a nod to (arguably), the most exciting event of the year. The time that it almost came home.

In TWTW #25 we paid tribute to some of our favourite World Cup memes. And boy, were there a lot.

Including, but not limited to:


And also this belter:


Maybe next time it’ll come home, eh?



And finally, how could we not include one of our biggest achievements over the last year? Because we did our part, and yes, we do in a way feel responsible for Channel 4 making the executive decision to move its HQ to our beloved home, Leeds.

After fierce competition between UK cities, it was mighty Leeds that triumphed.

The Channel 4 Chief Executive, Alex Mahon stated that “Leeds put forward a compelling and ambitious strategy for how they could work alongside Channel 4 to further build the strong independent production sector in the city.”

Don’t mind us, whilst we give ourselves a pat on the back.



And that’s it folks! Our Top 10 TWTW Moments.

Don’t fret, we’ll be back next Friday with our usual run down of all the things we’ve been discussing / laughing at / crying about in the office. If only Ariana Grande could have saved that tattoo for next week!

‘Till then, ta ta!