The Week That Was #25 – Football Pride, Dog Dates & Three Lions


This was the week we cheered for two very special football teams – one in a cave and one in a quarter final. We’re wishing the best for both.

So, here’s 5 mostly footy-related things from this week:


Twitter Loves This Old Video of a Young Sven Fan

Someone tweeted an old news clip – which went viral in a flash – of a Sven Goran Eriksson mega-fan.



This brings up so many questions – Is he still a fan of the former England boss?  What does he think about Sven’s views on England V Sweden? Does he still have the Sven hairdo?

And most importantly…

Where can we get one?


Another Major Footballer Has Come Out as Openly Gay

We’ve just had one of the most prominent LGBT Pride Months, so it’s reassuring to see more footballers worldwide coming out as openly gay.



Progress is steady but it’s happening. Let’s hope that Premier League Players can soon feel they can do the same.


America Have Won The World Cup…for Quidditch

They didn’t qualify for the muggle World Cup, but the US did win The Quidditch World Cup.

It’s the third time they’ve taken home the title. And the third time no one turned up to celebrate.



Actually, let’s not make jokes. They take this sport very seriously.

So seriously you’d think they’ve a stick up their arse or something.


Pedigree are Setting Older People Up on ‘Dog Dates’

We’ve only just spotted this really lovely campaign by Pedigree. The dog food brand are combating loneliness in older people by helping them to meet up with dogs in their area.

Watch this video, but beware of the feels.



And finally…

Okay. We can’t keep it in any longer. We just have to get it out of our system…

It’s coming home!

There. That’s better. Now to mention the memes, which have been glorious and plentiful. We think this convoluted Matrix metaphor is one if the best:


Oh, and this one:



We’ll leave it there for now.