Posted on: 08.02.2019

A Feline Pitch Invader, a World Record Egg and Valentine’s Day Yorkshire Puds

It was the superbowl this week, but all you really need to know is that the New England Patriots won, and they premiered a trailer for Toy Story 4 (though our verdicts are yet to be reached). So, here are five more things that sum up the week that was…


A Purrfect Score

Now we’ve had many unexpected stars of the show feature on TWTW, but never have we had a cat hold up a premier league football match before.

That’s exactly what happened on Saturday, when a black cat invaded the pitch during Everton vs Wolves, and held up the match for several minutes.



The icing on the cake was BBC Final Score reporter, John Acres’ outstanding two-minute long commentary of the cat’s movements across the pitch, which was broadcast live on prime time TV. Take it away John…


“Am I still on?” Excellent content.


This Promo Video is on Fyre

In light of Netflix’s recent documentary Fyre: The Best Party That Never Happened, Shutterstock has released a video to promote their ‘It’s Not Stock’ campaign.

The video recreates Billy McFarland’s infamous Fyre Festival promo video, using nothing but stock footage.

The overlay text promises customers they’ll get more than a ‘sad cheese sandwich.


It’s a two birds, one stone type scenario – the ad not only picks fun at Fyre Festival’s failure, (and who doesn’t enjoy that?) but also does a stellar job at promoting their own top quality stock footage.

Good work, Shutterstock.


An Eggcellent Campaign

Remember the egg that dethroned Kylie Jenner?


Well, as a reminder, back in January a picture of an egg was posted on Instagram with the caption:

“Let’s set a world record together and get the most-liked post on Instagram. Beating the current world record held by Kylie Jenner (18 million)! We got this.”

It turned out, a lot of people wanted to take down the so-called ‘queen of Instagram’ and it took the account a mere nine days to reach its target of 18 million likes.

The original post, which now has an astonishing 52 million likes, seemed to have no real intention behind it except for acting as a bizarre and pointless social experiment.

But since then, several more pictures of the same egg have been posted by the account, each one with increasingly larger cracks in its shell.

*Cue conspiracy theories.*

After days of speculation circulating on the internet, the egg finally cracked on Monday, revealing a fantastic mental health campaign:

It’s still unknown as to who the mastermind behind this campaign is, but if you ask us, it’s great to see paid social being used as a tool to open up conversation surrounding the ever-growing link between mental health and social media.

Cracking job.

(Sorry, we had to)


Questionable New Emoji’s…

According to a BuzzFeed article, there are 230 new Emoji’s coming to an iPhone near you this year.

Soon you won’t have the hassle of typing out words such as ‘waffle,’ ‘sloth’ and ‘axe’ (yep, we know) as all of these and more will be available in the form of an Emoji at the tap of a finger!

But there’s one new emoji in particular that has caught the attention of the internet: the ‘pinching hand’ emoji.

People are absolutely convinced that this emoji is now the official symbol of “small penis gesture” and may “change sexting forever.”

Naturally, the jokes poured in on Twitter…


According to Buzzfeed, when asked about the tidal wave of people dubbing it the universal symbol of “tiny dicks”, Emojipedia founder Jeremy Burge acknowledged “it sure does seem that way.”

Make of it what you will. We like to think it’s rather reminiscent of Ross from Friends’ genius gesture used to tell people to shut up.


And finally…


Love is in the… Roast Dinner?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and whether you’re single, taken or in a committed relationship to food, have no fear – Aunt Bessie has got you covered.

And what says ‘romance’ like a candle lit dinner featuring some heart-shaped yorkshire puddings?

Yep, you heard correctly, the queen of the roast is launching a special Valentine’s Day edition of its iconic yorkshire puds, for those who are looking for that special touch this V-Day.

Call us corny, (and maybe it’s because we’re based in Yorkshire) but if you ask us, an Aunt Bessie recipe, plus a heart-shaped mould is a batch made in heaven.

…too much?