Posted on: 15.02.2019

Tinder for cows, a flying whale and a lesson in Twitter

This week we saw Childish Gambino and Cardi B dominate at the Grammys on Monday, whilst The Favourite and Bohemian Rhapsody swept up at the Baftas on Sunday. But aside from the glitz and the glamour of award shows, what else happened this week? Here are five more things that sum up the week that was…


Making a moooove

A dating app. For cows. To find their perfect bull. No, this isn’t a joke.

Introducing: Tudder. The Tinder style app you never knew existed but are so glad you do now.

It’s actually a clever little app designed to assist farmers in finding cattle for breeding purposes.

According to The Guardian, the mastermind behind the app is Hectare Agritech, founders of SellMyLivestock, who claim that a third of UK farmers already use the platform to market animals. Cattle can be found on Tudder from over 42,000 farms across the UK.

Well, with Valentine’s Day just gone, we’re sure that there were lots of new sign ups looking for a little bit of help from Moo-pid.

All puns intended.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it an oyster shell?

No! It’s Cardi B!

It’s not a glam award ceremony without a few outrageous outfits, and the 2019 Grammys was no exception.

This year, Cardi B walked the carpet in a spectacular gown which pretty much instantly turned into a meme, as Twitter users compared her to an oyster shell, Ursula from The Little Mermaid, and a venus fly trap.

Literally all of the above somehow apply.

Take a look for yourselves…


How to beat everyone at Twitter

A guide by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

We’re big fans of AOC here at ilk. Ever since she became America’s youngest ever Congresswomen and released a video of her dancing to hit back at the haters (see TWTW #47), she’s gained quite the following.

A 3.1 million following to be precise.

Journalist, Max Benwell found that her Twitter account has gained more than 2.6 million followers over the last eight months.

And for the social-geeks out there, her engagement rate for the last three months has stayed at a whopping 2.8%.

This may not sound like a lot to the average joe, but to put it in perspective, Barack Obama’s engagement rate is roughly 0.4% and Donald Trump’s is a mere 0.2%.

It’s probably down to her fantastically executed comebacks, as she takes down the haters one by one through pure fact-checking and wit.  

And not to mention, sass.  


A flying whale

One of the world’s biggest planes took to the skies on Thursday, and it was quite the sight.

The Airbus Beluga XL did a flypast over South-West England, landing in Hawarden, North Wales, where plane spotters were overjoyed to get a glimpse of the flying machine.


…We just want to know why nobody is talking about the fact it is actually designed like a beluga whale.


And finally…


Perfectly timed

A video on Reddit has been doing the rounds this week that showcases a compilation of tricks that are timed so perfectly, you just can’t help but feel satisfied whilst watching.

Need to de-stress? Hit play.


Perfectly timed. from r/BeAmazed