TWTW #41 – C4 Picks Leeds And The Christmas Ad Season Begins


November has arrived which means it’s time to ditch the cobwebs, crush that pumpkin and delude ourselves that Christmas is still miles away.

Anyway, here are five things to sum up the week that was:


Channel 4 is coming to Leeds! Leeds! Leeds!

We did it guys. We teamed up as a community and it worked. It appears that Channel 4  appreciated our creative buzz and plans to move up north by the end of next year.

To be honest we were up against some tough competition from Birmingham and Manchester – commiserations to them both!

We especially appreciate the ‘congratulations’ from our west-midland rivals:

The Christmas TV ads are already here

Before we even have time to think about the C word, retailers are releasing their Christmas TV ads. This year’s festive ad season seems to be lined up in alphabetical order as Argos and Asda are first, both their ads appearing on TV tonight.

Argos wants to ‘foolproof your Christmas’ against the gremlin/shaved rabbit that sabotages our festive plans (and can apparently control the weather):



And Asda lightens the mood with a Bond-style action sequence, then ruins it with a slogan that brings up those painful World Cup memories. Too soon:



Humans are bad for nature, confirms report

Humanity has wiped out 60% of animal populations since 1970.

Sorry, there’s no joke here. We should probably all just think about that for a bit.


Another influencer bites the dust

Well, not quite. But consumers are savvy about sponsored social posts, so any mistake can ruin an influencer’s reputation.

But this story is a bit different to previous cases. Rather than being fined or banned for failing to highlight a promoted post, an Instafamous influencer was sued by Snapchat’s PR firm for failing to promote Snapchat’s Spectacles as contracted.

We’ll keep our eyes on this case for you.


And finally…

In the midst of Sri Lanka’s actually serious but totally confusing political situation – where its President has fired its Prime Minister – its PM has attempted to show the world that ‘graphic design is his passion’ on his website.