TWTW #42 – Iceland’s Banned Ad, Dogs Design Jumpers & Greggs Goes Backwards


This week Collins Dictionary names ‘single-use’ as its Word of The Year 2018.

Here are five more things that sum up the week that was:

Advertising body bans Iceland’s Christmas TV campaign

Iceland’s Christmas ad has breached UK political advertising rules and has been banned from any TV broadcast.

The supermarket had struck a deal with Greenpeace to use its ‘Save Rang Tan’ animation – which was originally released a few months ago – as its signature campaign for Christmas. The emotionally fuelled short shows how palm oil farming and deforestation is affecting wildlife.

This is a blow to the brand’s mission to inspire others to use less palm oil in products when it announced earlier in the year that it will cut out all palm oil from its own brand products.

Here is the original animation, which can still be watched online:



Cesar gets dogs to design christmas jumpers, sort of

The canine cuisine brand felt that our furry friends are often left out of family festivities. So it developed several Wallace and Gromit-esque contraptions which let dogs “design” Christmas jumpers through a Crufts-style course.

It’s very silly. But there are dogs involved, so we can’t complain.



KFC promotes new fries in Mean Tweets style

Proving once again they know how to own their mistakes and take the mickey out of themselves, KFC has used harshly worded tweets about its fries as a campaign to promote its upcoming change in recipe.



How to sensitively animate stories about tricky topics

This week we learned about how an animator works on projects involving difficult topics like addiction and slavery. You can learn more by checking out their work:



And finally…

Last year Greggs ejected Jesus from the manger and in favour of a sausage roll.

This year’s bit of festive mischief involved creating a reversed shop logo which would reflect on Fenwick’s famous Christmas window display in Newcastle.