The week that was

Entry #70

TWTW: #70
The Hottest The Week That Was on Record

Author: Niamh Boylan

Temperatures reached a record high this week, and that’s not just because of the Danny-Yewande-Arabella drama on Love Island.

So before you strip off and head out into the 30 degree scorcher of a weekend that lays ahead… Sit back, relax, grab an ice lolly and feast your eyes on the all of the weird and wonderful things that have happened this week.

This is the week that was.

Round of ApPaws

A Mexican Navy rescue dog named Frida has officially retired from duty this week after nine years of service.

A mural has been painted in her honour in Puebla, Mexico.

Plans for her retirement are yet to be confirmed, but we hope it involves many many chew toys and copious bones.

What a good girl.

Source: Washington Post

Source: BBC News

Have You Seen This Man?

mystery has taken place in a small village in Gloucestershire this week and it’s all very Hot Fuzz.

Let us set the scene.

It’s the annual Woolaston Carnival Village Fete.

Excitement is in the air.

A mysterious man appears in the distance.

He’s wearing… a checkered morph suit.

“Who is he?” we hear you ask.

That’s the golden question.

Attendees of the village fete were asked to donate £1 to guess the first name of the mysterious mime artist, with people assuming the donations would go towards the local church.

[Cue the unexpected plot twist]

Within hours of the morph man raising what’s thought to be several hundreds of pounds, he fled the scene and has not been spotted since.

Wherever he is, we hope that the money is all…for the greater good.

Source: The i

Source: The i

Extreme Flatshare Ads

An article on The Guardian revealed the most bizarre flatshare ad requests in the UK this week.

From meat-eaters to Scorpios, it seems that there’s nothing a flat-sharer won’t ban these days.

Laura Evelyn, aged 35 was interviewed about the list of 31 rules – yes, 31 demands that she had to meet in order to live under the roof of her landlord in North London.

In order for Laura to live there (and pay her crippling London rent) she was expected to keep showers to a minimum of 15 minutes, only have two visitors a month, who must be approved two weeks in advance, and if she left dishes in the sink, she’d be charged a whopping £15 a piece.

Source: The Guardian

Penguin Pride

London Zoo is celebrating Pride 2019 this week by shining a spotlight on their resident gay penguins.

The campaign came about after two of their male penguins, Ronnie and Reggie, famously adopted an egg that was abandoned by another couple back in 2015.

Couple goals.

And finally…

Source: PR Examples

Sorry For Your Loss

Thinking about quitting your job?

How about spicing up your resignation with a condolence card like this coworker did in Sheffield.

If you ask us, it shows both creativity and flair.

That person is going places.

Happy Friday Folks!