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TWTW: #69
Cheeseburgers, Cats and Crayons

Author: Niamh Boylan

There’s been a pretty sickening contest this week. No, not that one. In our very own office, copywriter Matt attempted to beat a record that’s stood since… a few months ago… when account manager Sarah necked ten cheeseburgers in an hour.

One man.

15(!) burgers.

37 minutes.

25 office onlookers.

4,500 calories.

And a whole heap of stomach-churning regret.

It was a spectacular victory and we’re already looking forward to the next ilkster to step up to the challenge. There’s rumours of a Head of Digital who thinks he can destroy 20.

Here are five less burger-y things from the week that was. Well, four. The first is still a tiny bit burger-y I guess. Anyway.

We'll call it EdChup

A new campaign by Heinz Tomato Ketchup dropped this week, starring none other than self-professed ketchup lover Ed Sheeran. The singer sent the brand a cryptic Twitter DM stating that he “had an idea” for an advert.

The premise of the video is simple. Sheeran, dressed in his iconic scruffy plaid shirt, turns up at a posh restaurant where he’s presented with a fancy meal, but realises there’s something missing from his plate.

[Cue Heinz]

But the video has been slated by the likes of Campaign for being predictable and poorly executed.

Maybe stick to the crooning, Ed. No Cannes Lion for you.

Oh no! What a Catcident!

Government-issue live streams aren’t usually the place for a laugh. But the Pakistani authorities pulled off a purr-fect accidental pun this week by turning on a cat filter during a press conference.

The video caused uproar on Facebook, and was deleted minutes after.

It’s one of those rare moments that either spread joy in your life, or convince you that another one of the world’s major nuclear powers have no clue what they’re doing (see also: Prince of Whales).

Source: BBC News

Don’t Buy the Sun

There was another development this week in the long running feud between Liverpool FC and national newspaper The Sun, whose coverage of the Hillsborough disaster wrongly slandered Liverpudlians for causing the tragic deaths of their fellow football fans.

In the pettiest of petty moves, The Sun has announced that it will officially boycott the entirety of Rugby League after one of its reporters, Gary Carter, was barred from the Magic Weekend at Anfield.

The paper has since said that their Rugby League reporter was assured in advance that they would gain access to the stadium.

We’re not sure how many Sun-reading Rugby League fans there are out there, but they’ll have to find their egg chasing gossip somewhere else for a while.

Source: Prolific North

More than Skin Deep

Apparently, Japanese culture defines a single colour as the default skin tone. Schoolchildren whose appearance differs from the norm can often find themselves marked out as different.

In an attempt to build acceptance of a more diverse palette, and a more diverse world, cosmetics company Shiseido have produced a range of colouring crayons to give youngsters the opportunity to find their own tone, and to understand their place in the mixed-up crayon box of life.

And finally…

Source: PR Examples

Now You See Me

Lizzo was caught by the fashion police on the red carpet this week, sporting a natty number the exact same colour as your regulation green screen film set background.

It wasn’t great, but she turned things around on Instagram in by meme-ing herself all over the shop…



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