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Entry #68

TWTW: #68
Embarrassing Shopping Bags, a Career Advice Pub and a Celebrity Showdown

Author: Niamh Boylan

Imagine the scene. It’s mid June. Grey skies. Hateful clouds. A front of drizzle looming over us like the second round of the Tory leadership contest.

Yes. It’s the day we’ve chosen for our work summer party. At the races. Outdoors.

At least we’ll have the week that was to laugh about.

Bieber vs Cruise

If you were also confused as to why Tom Cruise was trending on Twitter on Monday morning, then you may be slightly more confused to learn the reason why.

It was quickly discovered that popstar Justin Bieber had tweeted that he wanted to challenge Tom Cruise to a UFC fight.

The proposal quickly gained traction, including that of former UFC champion Conor McGregor, who volunteered himself to host the fight, depending on Tom Cruise’s acceptance.


Podcaster Jake Marsh also got involved, laying down the odds of the peculiar hypothetical brawl:


It’s not the showdown you want, it’s the showdown you need.

Tom Cruise is yet to respond to Bieber’s request. Perhaps he’s too busy indoctrinating fellow Hollywood stars.

Fantastic Plastic

An independent grocery shop in Vancouver has come up with a creative new way to discourage its customers from using single-use plastic bags for their shopping.

By humiliating them.

The Canadian store decided that charging 5p for a carrier bag was simply not enough of a motive for customers to bring in their own bags for life, so they’ve opted for printing embarrassing slogans on the side of their plastic bags.

Such as…

Perhaps this is just the level of pettiness that we need to save the planet.

Source: PR Examples

Source: PR Examples

Source: PR Examples

The Linked INN

Fancy a pint? How about a new job?

LinkedIn has teamed up with Heineken to take its pop-up pub, The Linked Inn (see what they did there?) on tour around the UK.

Aside from a lovely cold pint of lager, the Inn is serving up expert career advice and regular networking events. It even has a professional photographer on hand to help you snap that perfect LinkedIn headshot.

Cheers to that!

Source: PR Examples

Source: PR Examples

Frida Speaks

A breakthrough in the artistic world now.

It was announced on Thursday that Mexico’s National Audio Library has unearthed what is thought to be the first recording of Frida Kahlo’s voice.

She may have one of the most recognisable faces in the global art scene, but what did her voice sound like?


The audio is believed to depict Kahlo reading a section of an essay, Portrait of Diego, written about her husband.

And finally…

Twitter Does Politics

If you’ve been paying attention, you might have noticed we’re about to get a new Prime Minister. The Conservatives are electing a new leader, which means there’s a raft of right wingers doing the rounds to drum up support.

We know what you’re thinking. Sometimes politicians look an awful lot like everyday junk.

Behold, #ToryLeadershipCandidates as inanimate objects: a thread

Or if that one doesn’t fill your boots, how about:

#ToryLeadershipCandidates as taxidermy: a thread

Excellent job.

We’ve just checked the forecast and it’s set to piss it down into the early hours. #pray4ilk

Happy Friday Folks!

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter