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TWTW: #71
A Glastonbury Legend, the Psychic Hoover and Lots of Good Doggos

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Emotions have been high in the office this week.

Cori Gauff’s Wimbledon win empowered us all, our hearts were broken for Amber and Amy, glued back together by Tommy and Elly-Belly and then broken again when England were booted out of the Women’s World Cup.

Here are five brighter things that have happened in the last seven days.

Welcome to the week that was.


The Hero of Glastonbury

Source: NME

There’s always one performance that’s bound to go down in festival history, and while we’re all still talking about that Stormzy set, a star was born this week when Alex Mann made his rap debut on The Other Stage at Glastonbury.

The 15 year old’s MC skills were called upon when rapper, Dave, asked for a willing spectator to join him on stage to rap AJ Tracey’s lines of ‘Thiago Silva’ with him. After spotting Alex’s PSG shirt in the crowd, Dave invited the teen on stage in a performance that was everything we wanted and more.

Since then, Alex has wracked up an immense Instagram following, made a memorable appearance on GMB and even took to Twitter to claim “I did it for Britain.”

Alex mate, you’re the hero we didn’t know we needed.


The Psychic Hoover

We’re sorry to re-visit the Women’s World Cup when we promised to steer clear, but we had to give Roisin Hastie’s psychic hoover a bit of air time this week.

The Radio 1 news reader was laughed out of the BBC studio on Tuesday, after proclaiming that her hoover was psychic.

Yep, you heard that right.

The device, affectionately known as Alan, had been successfully predicting the World Cup results by sucking up the flag of the losing team, before a match.

Naturally, Greg James decided to put Alan’s inhalation elimination skills to the test. The Radio DJ invited Alan into the studio, lined up the Flag of St George and Star-Spangled Banner and let him loose…


Spectacular Spectacles

It’s fair to say that we’re insta lovers at ilk, so you can imagine our fascination when sunglasses brand, Tens, unveiled their shades that make your world look like a Wes Anderson movie.

Source: PR Examples

Source: PR Examples

The specs filter light to enhance the colour palettes found in Anderson’s films and to be honest, we’re fans.

Who doesn’t want to walk around in an insta-ready world?


Getting Your Just Desserts

Speaking of the gram, we’re all guilty of a bit of Insta-envy from time to time. Whilst some brands are happy to dish out freebies, Joe Nicchi is on a one man mission to bring influencers down a peg or two.

The LA-based ice cream man has had enough of ‘influencers’ asking for free sweet treats and so took matters into his own hands, by charging them double for one of his soft serves.

Source: Mirror Online

Announcing the new rule on his own Instagram, Joe informed his followers that anyone asking for a free 99 (which actually costs $4 in the City of Angels) will be faced with a cool $8 bill.

We’ll take 25 please, Joe.


All the Good Boys and Girls

And finally, it wouldn’t be TWTW without a doggo story.

Our hearts were full once again this week when a portrait of Merlin, a deaf, 14 year old rescue dog was crowned the winner at this years Dog Photographer of the Year competition.

Source: The Independent

Sending lots of belly rubs and tennis balls to all the good boys and girls that took part.

Happy Friday Folks!