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Entry #93

TWTW: #93
Hogs, Doggs and Yule Logs

Author: Katie Bedford

This is it. The last edition before the election.

So it’s time for something all the other big journalistic hitters have been doing. Our endorsement.

(clears throat)

(taps mic)

In this era of fake news, swinging cuts, and dodgy deals, it’s more important than ever to vote for hope. To vote for someone with a vision for the future. A drive to succeed. And a belief in the goodness, and humour, of humanity.

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Hogging the Limelight

We don’t usually do this.

But we couldn’t help sharing a crack(l)ing bit of work we’ve done for Aldi.

This week, the supermarket giant unveiled a new take on a Christmas classic… a two-metre-long pig-in-blanket.

We’re super proud of our creative team for getting their teeth into such a loooooong video.

As so a few Facebook comedians were keen to point out… we hope you’ve got a two metre long oven! HA HA HA. Ha.

And speaking of Christmas food…


Christmas Tinner

In a bid to drive footfall this festive season, Game has reintroduced the legendary ‘Christmas Tinner’. 

The ultimate festive time saver, which now comes with both vegan and vegetarian options, contains a full three course Christmas dinner. In a tin.

That’s right, a full three courses. We’re talking sprouts, gravy, yule log and cheese all lovingly squished into a festive metal prison.


Enter SandVan

Miami Beach came to a standstill this week, when the golden sands were disrupted by a traffic jam.

Conceptual artist, Leandro Erlich, was commissioned to create an installation of 66 life-sized cars and trucks. The project aimed to make people aware of the realities of the climate crisis. 

There isn’t a link to Metallica. We just thought the title was a good pun.


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Greg’s the Word

Greggs have pulled off some pretty solid campaigns in the past. 

But this week, JustEat launched a competition with the bakery to give one lucky person with ‘Greg’ in their name the chance to win a free Greggs every month for a year. 

12 pasties. One year. What could be better?

Greg Gregson, wherever you are… this is your moment. 

Drop It Like It’s… Tot?

Snoop Dogg dropped something big this week. Something absolutely no-one asked for. Something hard-pressed parents have been literally not crying out for.

An album of lullabies.

If you’ve got a restless babe, and you think instrumental versions of the iconic rapper’s greatest hits would lull them to sleep… then you know where to go.

Happy Friday Folks!