The week that was

Entry #92

TWTW: #92
A Car, a Spaceship and a Cybertruck

Author: Katie Bedford

It’s been a pretty busy week in politics-land, hasn’t it?

Corbyn had arguably the biggest mic drop moment of 2019 with those un-redacted documents, supported by a crew of heroic doctors.

Johnson decided not to turn up to Channel 4’s debate on climate change, and was replaced by an ice sculpture that was almost as much of a melt as he is.

Gove was sent to take his place, but threw a strop when the broadcaster said no. But even that was better than his disastrous tweets in response to Stormzy, belittling the inspiring rapper whilst committing ‘digital blackface’ in the process.

Luckily, we’ve had a photoshoot with furry friends this week to distract us. Not just our usual beagle, but nine very good boys and girls. Pet therapy, for sure.

Welcome to the week that was.

A Ruff Ride

Sticking with our canine mates, Max, a black labrador from Florida, made headlines this week when he “accidentally” put a car into reverse and started doing doughnuts in a cul-de-sac. 

Yep, you read that right. 

Max’s owner had briefly stepped out of the car, after making a wrong turn, when he knocked the vehicle into reverse and started going round in circles. For over an hour. 

Police eventually managed to open the passenger door and, aside from a few flattened dustbins and knocked over letterboxes, no one was harmed. 

Next week’s lesson, parallel barking. 


Storm(zy)ing to the Polls

Celebrities have been taking to social media this week to share the importance of registering to vote, in preparation for December’s general election. 

Celebrity vote-encouraging came via the Mother of Dragons Emilia Clarke, Harry Potter hero Matthew Lewis and most importantly, the un-elected voice of youth of today, Stormzy

The rapper called on his followers to have their say in the election, and what followed was more than 150,000 people aged under 25 signing up the day before the deadline. 

Can’t imagine what made Gove cross about that. He’s just so beloved by the under 25s.

A Very Barry Christmas

The BBC thrilled fans nationwide this week, when a teaser for this year’s Gavin & Stacey Christmas Special was released. 

The clip, which was hidden at the end of the series three finale on BBC iPlayer, showed Uncle Bryn having a bit of a meltdown in the kitchen in what we think is a first glimpse of Christmas on Barry Island.

We can’t wait to see more but, where’s the salad?

Trucking Hell

Elon Musk provoked a case of the cringe at the unveiling of Tesla’s new Cybertruck last week, when the vehicle’s ‘indestructible’ windows were smashed during a demonstration of their strength.

The incident prompted Lego Australia to pile in, showcasing their own look-alike, “shatterproof” truck on Twitter.

If anyone has Musk for secret santa this year, you know what to do.

Home for Christmas

Who knew that the only thing everyone needed this Christmas was an ET and Elliott reunion?

Sky, that’s who. 

Just when we thought we’d seen the best of the best for this year’s Christmas ads, Sky went and upped the game. The nostalgic ad shows ET hopping back into his spaceship after 37 years, and traveling back to catch up with his earthling pal one last time. 

It had Speilberg’s approval. And it definitely has ours. 

Have a great weekend folks!