The week that was

Entry #83

TWTW: #83
Barbies, Bagels and Burgers

Author: Katie

What a week.
Especially for men with dodgy blonde barnets.
But we’re sure you’ve had enough of hearing about those two.
Here are five slightly less yellow things.
They happened this week.
So this is the week that was.

Toy Story

Toy company Mattel took another step towards Gen-Z values this week by announcing the release of Creatable World, its first series of gender-neutral dolls.

The 74-year-old manufacturer unveiled a new set of dolls designed to encourage children to play free of labels.

Gone are the broad shoulders, full hips and long lashes – the dolls aim to celebrate the continued positive impact of inclusivity! They’re available in different skin tones, and can be styled with short or long hair, skirts or trousers, or even both. 

Well, that’s about the only 74-year-old in favour of progressive change this week.

Speaking of which…

Gret-a Grip

Greta Thunberg delivered another passionate speech at a UN summit earlier this week, in which she shamed world leaders for their betrayal of young people as the elite continue to turn a blind eye to the climate crisis.

And whilst many rallied behind the schoolgirl-protester-turned-global-activist, some of the more, ahem, senior members of society were not so supportive. The gammons were out in force.

But never fear, ABC Austraila are here to help soothe the middle-aged, narrow minded members of society that have somehow become so enraged by a teenage girl sensibly trying to make sure we don’t all drown to death in the next fifty years.

Cue the Greta Thunberg helpline.


Fun For The Hole Family

Ever been about to tuck into a piece of toast and thought “You know what would make this better? If it had a hole in the middle.”

Nor us.

But for all you bagel enthusiasts out there, Philadelphia have got your back.

The cream cheese brand have created ‘Bagel That’ – a machine (that no one asked for) which can be used to punch Bagel-esque holes in just about anything. Apparently.

Fans can try and get their hands on the limited edition contraption, which is available on Amazon for just $10.

Alternatively you could just, you know, buy a pack of bagels.

Or shove your thumb through a slice of Warbutons white, at a push.

McHappy Day

The rivalry between Burger King and McDonald’s is one we watch keenly. It’s produced some serious shade in the past.

So you can imagine our shock when it emerged that Burger King was standing aside for its clowned competitor this week.

In a strange turn of events, Burger King asked its Argentinian diners to visit their arch-rival this week, declaring that $2 from every Big Mac and other signature burger sold went to McDonald’s fundraising campaign, Children With Cancer.

It may only be a temporary halt to their longstanding feud, but for the most worthy cause.

We’re loving it.

And finally…

In The (Flea)Bag

How could we not mention Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s success at the Emmy’s?

The writer and star of Fleabag walked away from Monday night’s ceremony with not one, not two but- you get it – four awards for the filthy (but hilarious) BBC sitcom. 

And our favourite thing of all is her victory photo.

Relatable, to be honest. 

Happy Friday folks!