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TWTW: #84
A Fake Shop, a Fake Supermodel and a Fake Firefighter

Author: Niamh Boylan

Torrential rain, an overflowing Leeds-Liverpool canal, and tears of unsuccessful Glastonbury goers.

It’s been a pretty soggy week.

But don’t let those things dampen your Friday. Here are five significantly drier things, and they all happened this week.

Welcome to the week that was.

Don’t Banksy On It

Banksy’s back. The sneaky so-and-so.

This time, he presented his largest installation to date: a pop up shop in Croydon… that you’re not allowed to enter!

Dubbing it the ‘Gross Domestic Product’ store, the shop displays products ranging from Stormzy’s Glasto stab vest, to a clutch bag made from a ‘genuine real life house brick.’ 

It’s rumoured that Banksy set up the shop as a response to a legal feud, as a greeting cards company has allegedly been attempting to sell products under his trademark. 

The artist announced on Instagram that “I think they’re banking on the idea I won’t show up in court to defend myself.”

We’ll just wait on the edge of our seats until then…

source: PR Examples

source: PR Examples

Catwalk Crasher

Maybe it’s because RuPaul’s Drag Race has hit the UK. Maybe she was just feeling fabulous. 

Eagle eyed fashionistas caught something unusual this Paris Fashion Week – an unexpected guest who decided to gatecrash the catwalk during the Chanel SS20 Show.


And we admire her effort. Donning a Chanel-style houndstooth suit, the imposter managed to strut her stuff all the way around the runway. Before Gigi Hadid took it upon herself to ruin the fun, that was. Like a bouncer escorting that one drunk friend out of the club because they’ve had one too many, Gigi got it done.

source: Getty Images

Model Manipulator

Over in the SEO world, there’s a scary but believable theory doing the rounds. The accusation is that our wordy PM Boris Johnson is using phrases mentioned in interviews to drastically change Google search results in his favour.

Johnson appeared on the Andrew Marr Show at the beginning of the week and described himself as a ‘model of restraint.’

The effect meant that searches for ‘Boris Johnson model’ no longer dredged up coverage relating to dodgy dealings surrounding the Jennifer Arcuri scandal.

Instead, Google served up stories featuring the new, positive clip.

Coincidence? We think not.

Source: The National Scot

Painting the Town Red

Quite literally.

Four Extinction Rebellion campaigners were arrested for spraying the front of the HM Treasury with fake blood this week. 

But things didn’t go quite to plan for the protestors, as the old fire engine’s hose seemed to have a life of its own. 

Protestors struggled to keep hold of the pipe as it thrashed around on the floor, firing almost 2,000 litres of “blood” at, well, mostly the pavement. And their feet.

It’s the thought that counts.

source: The Telegraph

Source: The Telegraph

Good Neighbours

Picture the scene.

It’s the middle of the night. You’ve woken up to the smell of smoke. Following the fumes downstairs you find Jason Donovan. In his underpants. Tackling the blaze using a fire extinguisher.

No, this isn’t the recount of an acid trip, but the bizarre realities of one household’s Wednesday night in Notting Hill. 

Firefighters discovered the Aussie actor amid the flames, spraying with reckless abandon. The crew swiftly thanked him before taking over. 

When asked about this unusual incident, The London Fire Service quipped, “everyone needs good neighbours!”

Couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

The former Neighbours star, ho lives across the road spotted the flames from his home. Source: BBC News