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TWTW: #85
A Surprise, a Scandal and a very Secret Costume

Author: Niamh Boylan

We started the week off pretty chuffed with ourselves.

Monday saw a team of ilksters wipe the floor at our local pub quiz, taking the grand cash prize of 350 quid AND a £50 bar tab for our next trip down the boozer.

The next day we were trumped by somebody winning the biggest ever EuroMillions jackpot of £170m, making them richer than Ed Sheeran overnight.

But did the lottery victor get a free margherita pizza shared between 10, like we did? No. So who's the real winner?!

Anyway, here’s the week that was.

Leeds Leeds Leeds

The first tease of the new Channel 4 HQ in Leeds has been revealed via a tongue-in-cheek billboard – a classic of the television power house. 

Praised earlier in August for tapping into real life customer complaints for a witty a campaign video, the broadcaster is once again turning the haters to its advantage. 

An enormous billboard now covers the Majestic building, with a message reading “Didn’t think Channel 4 knew there was life outside the M25” – a real complaint from an anonymous viewer.

Well, we’re here to say that there is indeed life outside the M25, and it’s not so grim up North either.

source: The Drum

It’s…… Absolute Drama

This week saw the biggest and most talked-about scandal since Taylor Swift and Kanye West.

The drama kicked off with Coleen Rooney publishing a rather lengthy instagram post accusing a fellow celebrity of leaking stories about her to The Sun. The crafty sleuth 

planting fake Instagram Stories on her private account, then hid them from every single follower except one. And that one? In Coleen’s now iconic words: “It’s………..Rebekah Vardy’s account.”

The internet has gone wild for the Rooney-Vardy drama, with an explosion of memes, and the hashtag #WAGathaChristie trending on Twitter for a solid two days. 

Rebekah put up a feisty counter-argument, but that didn’t stop the trolling – even Netflix joined in with the banter. 

But whether you’re a Coleen or a Rebekah (yes, there’s a quiz) we don’t really mind, it’s just been nice to spend a couple of days without hearing that B-word for a change.

source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Thank God for Rod

Bad news for dough-ball-lovers across the nation. There have been rumours circulating of the permanent closure of ALL Pizza Express branches. 

The news follows the announcement of the collapse of Thomas Cook last month, but have no fear. It’s not all doom and gloom… 

A couple whose dream Las Vegas wedding was almost wrecked when Thomas Cook went bust just nine days before their nuptials, ended up being serenaded by Sir Rod Stewart. 

Caesars Palace, having caught wind of the couple’s wedding disaster, arranged for the bride and groom to be flown out First Class to Nevada, along with 16 friends, to have the wedding of their dreams – the Las Vegas way. 

Not only were the couple picked up in limousines and upgraded to the penthouse suite, but the ceremony was topped off by a surprise set by Rod Stewart, no less. 

Thank God for Rod indeed.

source: The Telegraph

Gingers Unite

Britain’s most beloved gingers joined forces this Thursday, as part of a campaign for World Mental Health Day

The video, posted on the Sussex’s official Instagram account, stars none other than Prince Harry and singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran. 

After a series of one-liners about being ginger, and Prince Harry’s comical ‘God Save The Queen’ doorbell, the duo move on to focus on what the video is really about – highlighting the importance of World Mental Health day and how we all should be reaching out to those suffering in silence. 

A beautifully executed campaign, if you ask us.

source: the metro

Mischief Managed

Just when you think you’ve seen it all… or not seen, as the case may be.

Remember when Poundland released the ‘gift of nothing’ for Valentine’s Day earlier this year? Well they’re back at it again, this time, with a Halloween special. 

For the unbeatable cost of £0, you can win your Halloween party’s Best Costume prize with Poundland’s ‘Invisibility Cloak.’

Designed as one-size-fits-all, the costume comes with a handy hanger, so you don’t… er… lose it?

Don’t say Poundland don’t treat ya!

source: the mirror