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Making the Difference.


ABP is a long term client of ours. We provide a full suite of integrated services, from brand strategy and brand creation through to day-to-day creative, video production, development and PR & Social.


The scope of work is hugely varied, but it’s included projects like…





We were asked to create a brand strategy that would deliver an internal proposition, communicating a vision of collective purpose and providing a blueprint for a productive, progressive company culture.


Our response was a coherent solution that branched out to cover each of the five key areas of the ABP UK business: People, Agriculture, Process, Customers and Sustainability. The suite of work culminated in a major event held at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham, where the strategies were unveiled to over 200 people (a cross section of the ABP UK workforce).



As a leading global food company, ABP is a business with strong brand awareness. However, visually and verbally, that brand was tired. ABP asked us to refresh it, tasking us with creating a new visual identity and messaging that was both contemporary and yet still connected to the heritage (and brand equity) of the company.


Working with key stakeholders every step of the way, we began with a brand workshop before delivering a DNA document outlining proposition, key messages and TOV. The key decision would be to consciously change the definition of ABP from a meat processor to a food company, to better align with the company’s commercial aspirations. 


We then moved on to the creative delivery, proposing a solution in which we maintained a strong lineage with the existing ABP wordmark, but with a whole new colour palette and graphic composition.



With the new branding launched, we took on the project of delivering a new website.


We planned, site-mapped, wrote, designed and built the new site, not simply to reflect the new brand positioning, but also to incorporate all of the UK sub-division with the ABP portfolio.




With an increasing need for high quality food photography for creative, but too few options through stock, we worked with ABP to create our own bank of imagery. 


After producing a thorough photo brief for the client, we settled on ten ingredients and a combination of thirty dishes to show off the true breadth and diversity of what ABP has to offer.


We shot each meal solution from multiple angles, allowing for images to be shown at distance or cropped for more flexibility. Props, backgrounds and staging were used to add colour and flavour to the finished dishes, and we captured the raw ingredients too.