The week that was

Entry #100

TWTW: #100
The 100th Week That Was

Author: Katie Bedford

It’s been a heavy week.

But like every Friday, we’re here to offer some light relief from the doom and gloom. And we’ve got a reason to celebrate.

100, actually.

So forget about the orange who survived being impeached, block out the tolling bells that mark the birthday of a man who doesn’t deserve the well wishes.

Crack open a tinny, sit back and enjoy.

Welcome to The 100th Week That Was.


This Is Just The Veganning

This week saw the British Retail Consortium introduce its new ‘100% animal-free’ guidelines, which will ensure that vegan fashions really are, well….vegan. 

That’s right.

Because up until now, eliminating materials such as leather, suede and wool was enough to market your product as vegan. Even if it contained dye, glue or wax made from crushed beetles.

It’s like giving a vegetarian a lasagne, but sifting the beef out before plating up. 

Now retailers will have to examine every material used to ensure it’s ethical before labelling their products. 

Something they shoulda/coulda/woulda done anyway.

Speaking of the V word…

Hail Seitan

It’s not rare to see people getting tattoos of their favourite things. The name of your child, your favourite quote… someone even got a chicken nugget tattooed on them once. 

But one man is so dedicated to raising awareness of veganism, that he’s having it tattooed. 

On his leg. 

100 times.

Benjamin Patience is hoping the ink will land him a spot in the Guinness World Records, but his main aim is to spread the message on the importance of ditching meat. 

We’re not sure how long the sitting for the tattoo will be, but we’ve got a feeling he’ll be just fine…

Property (No) Ladder.

Struggling to get on the property ladder? 

You’re in luck. This one room, first floor, river-view property is about to go under the hammer in Cambridgeshire for a mere £100.

The only problem is, you’ll need an actual ladder to get inside. 

Wedged between two buildings, and suspended over an alleyway, the unusual property is completely inaccessible. Even the auctioneers haven’t viewed it, so very little is known about what’s inside. 

Donald Trump’s wigmaker’s headquarters? Boris Johnson’s conscience? 

Well, it’s better than a load of cobwebs.


A new Starbucks commercial has been named the winner of Channel 4’s Diversity in Advertising Award this week. It follows the story of a young trans man called James. 

The ad follows James as he uses his name for the very first time in the coffeehouse, after several everyday encounters involving his birth name, Jemma. 

Since winning the accolade, Starbucks has pledged to raise £100,000 for UK trans youth charity, Mermaids and will be selling mermaid tail cookies in order to reach its goal. 


100 days to go.

And finally…

Set your timers people. 

It’s the highlight of the broadcasting calendar.

It’s the evening that Britain becomes a laughing stock.

When fingers are pointed our way, right across the EU. And beyond.

Laughing, mocking, and general dismissing. 

It can only be, the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest.

It was a tense time when the result of Brexit had our participation in the competition hanging in the balance, but we’re thrilled to hear its just 100 days ‘till the nation makes a tit of itself once more.


That’s your lot! Please please don’t make us do this for 200, it was painful.

Happy Friday folks!