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Entry #66

TWTW: #66
Sausage Rolls, Sofas and Seasonal Specials

Author: Niamh Boylan

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These intros have been getting a bit formulaic haven’t they?

Welcome to the week that was.

It's Occuring

James Corden cured everybody’s bank holiday blues with the announcement that he and Ruth Jones have reunited to revive Gavin and Stacey for a one-off Christmas special.

The news was revealed on Tuesday, and it has been confirmed that we will see both Gavin and Stacey, as well as Pam, Mick, Gwen, Bryn, and of course, Smithy and Nessa grace our screens on Christmas Day.

10 years on and maybe we’ll finally find out what happened on that fishing trip.

Hello it’s me, Lewis Capaldi

Ever wanted to be served a sausage roll in Greggs by Lewis Capaldi?

Well if you happened to be in Middlesbrough at the weekend, that dream may have come true.

Everyone’s favourite singing scotsman was spotted working a shift at the bakery, hairnet and all, ahead of his performance at Radio 1’s Big Weekend, proving that he’s still retained his humble roots since becoming a mega popstar.


Source: PR Examples

I’ll Take The Lot

Over in Italy, it’s been revealed that the sale of the entire mountain village of Esino Lario was actually a clever PR stunt.

Last month, a website was launched stating that ‘everything must go’ with prices listed for every asset in the village.

Prices ranged from the town hall at €200,000, to street signs for an affordable €1,250. Individual benches came in €280 each, or at an enticing three-for-two promotion, for those who are all about the dealz dealz dealz.

The mastermind behind the campaign is a local tech company specialising in broadband for remote villages, who teamed up with the Esino Lario council to raise awareness about the depopulation of rural areas.

Source: The Guardian


Ever wanted to live like Rachel and Monica? Well thanks to IKEA, you can do exactly that.

In fact, for £3,423 you can recreate the entire Friends apartment living room, using IKEAs latest catalogue.

In its cheeky new ‘Real Life’ campaign, IKEA have recreated the sets of three iconic TV living room scenes, from The Simpsons, Stranger Things and Friends.

“[The Teams] went through hundreds of items to find the perfect pieces that would bring together those iconic rooms”

We’re just not so sure if that wallpaper will catch on.

And finally….

Srouce: Pr Examples

Srouce: Pr Examples

Srouce: Pr Examples

Children in Knees

Hold onto your hats folks, because it’s been a big week for news.

This week, every national paper in the country covered the story of the man who found what looked like the face of a baby in his knee.

Because this is the exciting world we live in.

Commenting on the discovery, 37 year old Alex said: “It was leg day, so I was in the middle of performing squats when I saw a small face ­looking back at me. It took me a little by surprise.”

Greg James took it upon himself to share this news with the world, and created a new segment on his show, aptly named ‘Children in Knees.’

Make of it what you will, you have to admit, it’s a clever pun.

Happy Friday!