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Milkshake, Potato and Mouldy Jackfruit

Author: Niamh Boylan

This week we lost a terrifying icon. A powerful woman who ruled with an iron fist, flanked by an army of bloodthirsty allies hell bent on ‘rescuing’ the nation when in fact she was leading… it’s getting tenuous… the people off the edge of a cliff… still going… only to be stabbed in the back by someone she thought was on her side…

And her name…. was… Theresa… no… Dany… well it works both ways round.

Welcome to the week that was.

Milkshake Gate

This week, we saw the birth of a brand new verb: Milkshaking.

The new term has come about thanks to a legendary member of the public deciding to chuck a milkshake over Nigel Farage in Newcastle during his Brexit Party campaigning earlier this week.

Following this, Farage tweeted a picture of another member of his party taken victim to the milkshakes. Cue the conspiracies.

One individual took to Twitter with an impressive ‘Splatter Analysis’ thread in which he accuses the now nicknamed ‘Brexit Party Milkshake Man’ of milkshaking himself for attention.

“there’s barely any of the signature trails of falling milkshake”

Elsewhere on EU election day, drinks brand, Plenish were spotted handing out milkshakes at a polling station in Farage’s South East England constituency on Thursday, proving that milkshakes may not bring the girls to the yard, but they sure can bring them to the polling station.

Long live #MilkshakeGate

Source: Daily Express

Source: PR Examples


Who Do You Think You Are?

Over in the states, Kim Kardashian has made a laughing stock of herself on Twitter and it caused a frenzy.

In a rather mysterious tweet, Kim K addressed the American fast-food chain, Jack in the Box, on Monday evening, stating that she had a ‘serious complaint,’ which naturally sparked the interest of the internet.


Jack in the Box got back to her quickly, but unfortunately they couldn’t DM her because she didn’t follow them.


And the guessing game commenced.

Fellow fast food chains quickly jumped on the bandwagon.

Unti Kim finally put everyone out of their misery to reveal that, wait for it, she was upset because none of the staff had recognised her during her visit.

No, really.

Look, we know what she’s probably saying is that she was there incognito and noticed an issue, but it’s much more fun to imagine she craves the recognition of bored jacket potato bakers so much she’d try to have the inattentive ones fired.

Back to the 80s

4th July is approaching fast and the first of the Stranger Things brand partnerships has been revealed, with drinks-giant Coca Cola taking it back to the 80s.

Fans of the show can sip on their very own cans of ‘New Coke’ alongside Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Will and co. this summer.

Despite receiving thousands of letters of complaints about the taste of New Coke, back in the day, Coca Cola is reviving the classic 1985 formula once again in the name of nostalgia.

Ciao Banksy

In another smooth operation, Banksy has managed to gatecrash the Venice Biennale, despite not being invited.

The anonymous artist posted a video on his Instagram this week of him setting up his stall, exhibiting a nine-panelled painting, titled simply “Venice in Oil.”


The paintings, which depict a huge cruise liner on the Grand Canal, has been thought to denounce the mass tourism that threatens the beautiful, sinking city.

And finally…

Why Helloooooo Jill

…or should we say, Ainsley.

LadBible announced this week that Ainsley Harriott is in talks to bring back his legendary cooking show, Ready Steady Cook after a 10 year hiatus.

The only problem is that in the meantime we’ve all but banned plastic carriers. So expect this generation of C-list celeb chefs to be upending a recyclable hemp bag for life.

We reckon they’ll have to update the teams too. Instead of Red Tomato and Green Pepper we’re thinking… Brown Avocado and Mouldy Jackfruit?


Happy Friday Folks!

Credit: LadBible