Posted on: 02.10.2020


It’s time for another in our series of #ilksidehustle interviews. Ever wondered what we’ve been up to all lockdown whilst you’ve been panicking and disinfecting your Tesco delivery? No, didn’t think so. But we thought we’d tell you anyway. This time it’s Charlotte, who’s been making a name for herself streaming online games over at

Describe your side hustle in a sentence.

Streaming games like Fortnite and Fall Guys on Twitch to random viewers.

Now do it in emojis.  

? ??‍? ? ?*


*Only when I lose.

What inspired you to give it a go?

I like playing games and sometimes watch the odd streamer on Twitch. I was bored during lockdown and I like trying new things so I thought I’d have a go. I already had the laptop and webcam so it was pretty easy to set up!

What’s it taught you? Give us the full Eat Pray Love.

That full time streamers work harder than I thought! It’s difficult getting viewer numbers and followers up. There’s a proper community online, which is cute, but you gotta put the effort in if you want to succeed. Like anything in life, I guess. I don’t mind streaming to 3 or 4 viewers if I’m enjoying myself… but I won’t be leaving my job for it that’s for sure!

Tell us about your proudest side hustle moment.

I think I reached 15 viewers at one point.

Any chance whatsoever you’ll still be doing this next year?

Maybe, but probably not. I like trying new things and then moving on to the next.


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