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TWTW: #89
Cans, Chairs and Climate Strikes

Author: Katie Bedford

It’s been a pretty soggy week.

But we’ve not let the rain dampen our spirits.

We’ve been celebrating ilk’s 20th birthday this week. Hard. So, we’ll go easy on the sore heads in the office.

Here are five nice things that happened this week.

Welcome to the week that was.

How Much Is That Doggy On The Beer Can?

It goes without saying that we’re a group of dog lovers at ilk. 

So we were immediately on board when we saw that Fargo Brewing Company had scrapped its usual packaging and replaced it with images of dogs in need of a new home. 

The new packaging is a result of the brewery’s partnership with the 4 Luv of Dog Rescue which aims to shine a light on good boys and girls looking for their forever homes.

Nev, we can take on a few more office dogs, right?

Source: Edition CNN

Where’s Your Plan?

Collins Dictionary unveiled ‘Climate Strike’ as their ‘word’ of the year this week, which coincidentally marks the first birthday of Extinction Rebellion. And right on cue, XR released an influential new video. 

The short film features XR badge laden activists, children and celebrities including Imelda Staunton, Chris Packham and Ellie Goulding who outline their demands to tackle the climate crisis, and call out governments and world leaders, asking “Where’s your plan?”

Powerful stuff.

Source: PR Examples

What Did Kay Burley Ask The Chair? Everything.

It’s not been a great week for the Conservatives. They launched an election campaign using time-honoured campaigning tactics. Things like insulting the victims of the Grenfell disaster, getting mired in rape scandals, and proposing the mass culling of the working class.

But all of that pales in comparison to a single leather office chair.

Kay Burley was holding no prisoners when she interviewed the infamous chair this week after the Tory Chairman failed to show up to a spot with Sky News. 

James Cleverly’s absence had clearly enraged the news anchor, who revealed the aptly named chair-man was actually stood 15 feet away and was refusing to answer her burning questions. Viewers were quick to outline that “The chair gave better answers”  than the chairman would have anyway. 

All we’ll say is… sometimes silence is golden.

Source: Metro

Blink And You’ll Miss It

Some people don’t have the eye for art. Some simply don’t appreciate it. And some of us try our best by squinting and tilting our heads. 

And Belgian company Voo has run with that.

The provider has created a suite of sneaky posters, which were displayed at a digital art festival in Belgium this week. At first sight they look like modern art but, with the help of the subtle copy below them, they’re revealed as screenshots from failed video calls. 

The copy reads: “It’s cool when it’s modern art. It sucks when it’s a video call. Switch to the fastest internet of VOO.”


Source: PR Examples

It’s Occurin’

The pumpkins are barely cold, but it feels like the festive spirit has arrived slightly earlier this year. And it might have something to do with this. 

That’s right ladies and gents. The first reviews of the long-awaited Gavin & Stacey 2019 Christmas special are in and they’re… cracking. As if we weren’t already excited enough to see our favourites return to the screen, and have all of our questions answered. 

Did Gavin and Stacey have a boy or a girl? Did Smithy and Nessa get together? Did Pete get a new pair of oven gloves? Will we ever find out what happened on the fishing trip?!

Only 47 days to go now babes.

Have a great weekend folks!

Source: Metro