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Black Holes, Bees and Bloody Good Campaigns

Author: Niamh Boylan

Amongst the doom and gloom of increase in Bacon prices, divorce law discussions and another round of Brexit-shmexit, this week saw a new frontier in space photography and an horror-film finding in a doctor’s office in Taiwan….

This is the week that was.

Winter is FINALLY Coming

…did you hear?

The final season of Game of Thrones is launching next week and people are jumping on the brand-wagon left, right and centre.

Oreo has re-imagined its iconic embossed biscuit design with four different illustrations: a dragon for Targaryens, a wolf for the Starks, a lion for the Lannisters and a White Walker.

Bud Light has also resurrected its partnership with HBO, to tie into the return of the show to American TV screens. In the video, ‘Bud Knight’ is brought back from death, hinting at future shenanigans between the two.

And to celebrate the TV series being broadcast on Sky Atlantic, the channel has brought the British Army and The Night’s Watch face to face in a fantastic campaign.

Black Hole No Longer Camera Shy

This week, for the first time in history, a picture of a black hole has been captured by astronomers.

The picture shows a halo of dust and gas, tracing the outline of the colossal black hole, which steadily ‘feeds the monster within,’ according to The Guardian.

The photograph marks a revolution in our understanding of one of the universe’s most mysterious elements, with the first glimpse of something we once thought was unseeable.

Utterly terrifying.


Bee Eyes

Moving on to the weirder (and even more terrifying) of the week, a woman in Taiwan was found by doctors to have four bees living inside her eye.


The 28 year old woman, identified as Ms He, was pulling out weeds when the insects flew into her eye.

The bees stayed alive by drinking her tears – again, DRINKING HER TEARS, as a source of protein.

The news also comes at the same time that it was revealed that a UK Government website has been inadvertently sending members of the public seeking advice on bees to an ‘independent escorts’ service.

That takes honey-trap to a whole new level…

Robot Revolution

It’s been announced this week that Berkeley has created a new robot called Blue, that could be the answer to all of our robotic problems.

It’s widely known in the industry that robots are expensive to buy and dangerous for humans to work alongside.

But not for much longer.

‘Blue’ the robot is an AI-powered bot that is both low-cost and safe to work alongside.

And they’re not just coming for our factory jobs. They’re coming for our professional sports jobs too

Happy Friday Folks!