The week that was

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TWTW: #87
Beers, Bees and Barbie

Author: Niamh Boylan

It’s been a quiet old week.

But we won’t bore you with any unnecessary Brexit-chat.

Instead, here are five things that happened this week that won’t make you sigh in despair.

Welcome to the week that was.

My Goodness, My Guinness

Whilst Northern Ireland has been rejoicing in the lift of the ban on same-sex marriage this week, Irish rugby fans across the country have been drowning their sorrows after the New Zealand All Blacks knocked them out of the World Cup at the weekend. 

Not one to miss a marketing opportunity, Ireland’s most iconic alcoholic beverage brand, Guinness, posted a rather sassy reaction to the loss – encouraging people to drink their rival brand, Carlsberg. 

Why? Because they’re simply “done” with the colour black today.

source: B&T

Faux Fans

Also trying to make the best out of bad luck in sport this week is Man City, who are looking for influencers to attend their matches to showcase the “electrifying atmosphere that only Champions League live football matches can deliver.”

The club put out an official ad on an influencer marketing platform requesting for male influencers aged 18 to 55 to apply, as long as they have a minimum of 5,000 followers. 

The plea follows the club’s uninspiring draw for the group stage of the competition, having admitted that their “core fans are less likely to attend” because no one has heard of the rival teams.

source: Prolific North


Every girls holiday group Whatsapp went mad for the life-size Barbie Malibu Dreamhouse that was listed on Airbnb this week.  

Yep, that’s right, you and your crew can live it up like Barbie and Ken for a week in this pink mansion paradise on the California coast.

Hosted by none other than Barbie herself, guests can make use of her swimming pool and hot-pink slide, her out-of-this world dressing room, luxury bathrooms and outdoor gymspace.

It may not be all plastic, but it sure looks… fantastic

(We had to)

source: dezeen

source: dezeen

source: dezeen

Creating a Buzz

We’ve seen micro-influencers. Even nano-influencers. Now meet B, the world’s first Bee influencer – or Beenfluencer

Created by the Fondation de France, B aims to work with brands across the world to raise money to save her fellow bees. 

She’s creating a buzz and looks bee-autiful whilst doing it.


source: @bee_nfluencer

source: @bee_nfluencer

source: @bee_nfluencer

(Hunched)Back to the Future

Picture the office of the future and what do you see? Brew-round-robots? Hovering desks? Office dogs in every corner?

Well, according to author William Higham, the future of the office worker is not so bright. 

Introducing Emma, the life-sized model which ‘shows what office workers might look like in 20 years.’ And we’re rather horrified. 

A hunched back, varicose veins, red eyes and a protruding stomach – it’s not quite the future we had in mind. 

But according to the Work Colleague of the Future report, if employees and workers don’t act now to address the health risks posed by modern desk jobs, then we may just end up looking like Emma. 


*Cue the bulk-order of standing desks.*

source: sky news