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TWTW: #64
A Grumpy Cat, A Grumpy Robert De Niro and Grumpy GOT Fans

Author: Niamh Boylan

This week’s been a rollercoaster of emotion. Highs and lows. The downfall of treasured heroes. Plots dripping with espionage, struggle and redemption. And the ultimate victory of a faction fighting under the banner of a horned animal.

And that’s just… thanks for staying with us… the… it’s coming… play-off semi-final.

Here are five more things that have happened this week.

Welcome to the week that was.

A Wonderful Kind of Day

The long-running hit children’s TV show, Arthur, has been in the spotlight this week after featuring its first gay wedding, gaining huge traction on Twitter.

In the episode, Arthur, everyone’s favourite (permanently) eight year old aardvark, attends his school teacher’s wedding, along with his friends and family, where they wait in anticipation for Mr Ratburn to tie the knot with Patty, a female rat.

Then, bam. Surprise! It’s revealed that Patty is actually Mr Ratburn’s sister, and before you know it, surprise number two: Mr Ratburn is joined on the aisle by his future husband.

Within hours, streams of praise (and of course many jokes) infiltrated social media:

All we can say is, hey! What a wonderful kind of day.

Source: © 2019 WGBH & PBS KIDS

Family Business

Warbuton’s latest big campaign has launched and it features none other than Hollywood legend, Robert De Niro.

The ad sees De Niro march into Mr Warbuton’s head office in Bolton, in true Godfather-style, to confront Jonathon Warbuton as to why he is challenging the classic New York bagel, with their very own ‘Bolton Bagel’.

It’s not the first time that Warbuton’s has enlisted the big shots to promote their baked goods, including the likes of Sylvester Stallone in 2015, and more recently, Bolton’s own Peter Kay, in 2017.

They’ve clearly got a knack for bag(uette)ing the big stars! Ouch, sorry.

A Grand Opening

Notorious for extravagant jokes, Joe Lycett’s recent antics have resulted in the Lord Mayor of Birmingham officially opening his new kitchen extension.

Yes, you heard correctly.

The mayor originally politely declined Lycett’s invitation, but once he opened it up to be a public affair, complete with a raffle and competition winners, she headed down to Kings Heath in Birmingham to cut the ribbon.

The *cough* ceremony included a red carpet, a rather dodgy looking plaque, and celebrity guests including fellow comedian Katherine Ryan, Soccer AM presenter Lloyd Griffith, and Nick Owen from BBC Midlands Today.

BBC Radio 1 was also declared the ‘official radio broadcast partner’, with Joe talking to Nick Grimshaw live… from his back garden.

It’s both totally over the top and pointless. And we’re here for it.

Credit: Joe Lycett Instagram

The Grumpiest of Days

Moving on to more sombre news, it was announced on Twitter this morning that internet legend Grumpy Cat has passed away.

The internet sensation became a viral meme in 2012 after photographs of her permanently-unimpressed expression emerged online.

A statement tells us that Grumpy ‘helped millions of people smile all around the world’ and her owners thanked the public for all of their support and words of sympathy.

A legend lost.

And finally…

Game of Moans

Winter has finally come for hit television series Game of Thrones, but the much anticipated final series has received quite the cold reception.

So much so that over 800,000 avid fans have signed a petition calling for HBO to remake the eighth and closing season.

Disappointed viewers have complained that the writers have rushed the narrative, and are demanding a do-over with more ‘competent writers’.

The final episode of the show is due to air this Sunday on HBO in the US, and in the early hours for UK superfans.

Look. You can’t please everyone all of the time. That’s why you need dragons.

Happy Friday Folks!

Source: Sky Atlantic