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A Flight, A Sail And A Catwalk

Author: ilk

It’s been a good week in the office.

Partly because we had a day off.

In fact, entirely because we had a day off.

Petition to make four day weeks a regular thing?

Only joking, Nev!

Anyway, here are five things we’ve enjoyed this week.

Welcome to the week that was.


Talk Dirty To Me

A lot of global conglomerates have been doing their bit to raise awareness of ocean pollution and the importance of reducing plastic waste.

But one brand we weren’t expecting to hear from this week was, Pornhub.

The brand, who…well we all know what they do, has filmed an x-rated movie on a beach awash with trash, to drive positive action against plastic waste and encourage viewers to participate in beach clean-ups.

Source: PR Examples

A donation will be made to Ocean Polymers, who specialise in sustainable solutions to collect plastic waste, for each view the video achieves.

We just hope they used protection.


Flying High

Remember a few months ago when Virgin revealed they were ditching their signature pin-up girl icon in favour of some diverse new designs?

Well, the first of its 12 new Airbus A350’s is getting ready to take off.

Source: Sky News 

The fleet of planes, including the newly unveiled ‘Red Velvet’, will represent modern Britain and celebrate diversity with icons including a black woman and a gay man, with Virgin stating they’ll be the first in the world to have male figureheads on its aircraft.

We can’t wait to see them take to the skies.


The Store Of Modern Childhood

This week, The Children’s Society unveiled what could be one of the most hard-hitting campaigns of the year, in the form of a pop-up store in London.

The Store Of Modern Childhood on Baker Street explores the issues that the youth of today are faced with including poverty, knife crime and bullying.

The shelves of the store are stocked with items such as bruise hiding and anxiety concealing make-up, note pads filled with hateful messaging, cyberbullying phone cases and even, stab-proof vests.

Source: Campaign Live

The eye-opening pop-up has also been showcasing the talents that these young people have in its Gallery of Optimism, which is accessed through a changing room filled with colourful lights and messages of positivity exhibits photography, art, poetry and music from the youth of Britain to truly give them a voice.


Strike A Pose

Speaking of inspiring young people, it was announced this week that Birmingham beauty, Daisy-May Demetre would be making her debut at New York Fashion Week.

Daisy-May, who has been chosen to storm the catwalk for Lulu et Gigi Couture, will be the first double-amputee child to walk the fashion show.

Source: BBC News 

Daisy’s father said she just wants to lead the way for amputees and encourage others to follow their dreams.

Daisy, we don’t think you’ve got just Birmingham behind you, but the whole of the UK.

And finally…


Greta’s Sailabration

Climate change activist Greta Thunberg arrived in New York this week after crossing the Atlantic to attend a UN summit on zero emissions.

Source: The Guardian

Taking teenage rebelry to the next level, the 16 year old refused to fly to the summit, due to the emissions caused by planes and instead set sail from Plymouth, on a two week voyage to the big apple in a carbon-zero yacht.

We’re telling you, this girl’s going to change the world.