Our Work

Increasing brick capacity for UK housing.

Wienerberger was making a big move in the construction industry – so it needed some big PR. Looking to increase its brick capacity by over 200 million (a quantity equivalent to over 25,000 new homes), Wienerberger put us in charge of achieving national exposure for the investment. With a brief to position Wienerberger as a leading provider of innovative building solutions in a time of high demand and unreliable supply on a national level, we adopted a strategic communications approach to maximise outreach.

From securing opportunities for key Wienerberger personnel (to communicate the reliability of the company’s supply and quality in the trade press) to targeting the national press, trade press and regional press with new stories to grab their attention,

we worked hand in hand with the Wienerberger team to achieve blanket national exposure – including coverage in The Guardian, The Times, The Telegraph, The Daily Express, The Financial Times and The Daily Mirror, generating a national reach of 256,081,243.

Key facts:

  • 256,081,243 national OTS
  • 29 trade cuttings
  • Coverage across the BBC
  • 138,996 trade OTS


Increasing brick capacity for UK housing.
Increasing brick capacity for UK housing.