Taking new products from concept to delicious reality.


Sugar free confectioners :Diablo are a brand we know and love at ilk. We know how to get their message across through strong brand story and attention grabbing packaging, and we love their products - on toast, for a sweet snack or an everyday indulgence.

The brand identity is one we’ve helped form across all sorts of products, but we’re always looking to refine and develop the look and feel of :Diablo packaging to better resonate with the changing intentions of retail customers.

Three recent launches have allowed us to do just that! With a few tasty samples to keep us well fuelled during the process. The first – an enticing box of mixed chocolates – allowed us to push a more premium style, perfect for gifting. Or just nibbling on in front of the telly. The chocolates themselves were the main event, featuring prominently on front of pack. It was the same story for the new White Spread, with a delicious slice of sweet toast the star of the show. Finally, new stevia chocolate bars are a grab and go snack with bright brand colours in yellow and green.