Creative, Strategy, Video & Animation

Corporate induction without the boring parts.


The UK’s largest provider of bricks and building envelope solutions tasked us with overhauling their onboarding process to give new starters a sense of the scale and ambition of the company, and to help them feel part of an integrated, progressive team making a difference to the UK construction industry.

We started with brand strategy, producing a simple message that would cut through a process traditionally described as ‘death by Powerpoint.’ The campaign was formed around a single statement: ‘We Built This’. Every brick, roof tile and paver helps build a home, school or hospital. But so does sales, and sustainability, and every other element of the business.

The concept was developed to span two days of induction activity, with video content, dynamic presentations, imagery and event staging all working in concert. An introductory ‘We Built This’ video featured everyone from the Managing Director to factory workers, outlining the diversity and depth of the company, and the pride and enthusiasm of the Wienerberger family.
The end result was a corporate induction without the boring parts. A process that inspires and educates new starters at the same time, and one that situates Wienerberger as a leader in their field. And the review from the first intake? Why can’t every induction be like this?