Our Work

A coffee brand that lives up to the name.

Ireland’s leading coffee and tea company, Bewley’s, asked us to look at rebranding its latest acquisition, Grumpy Mule. Our job was to create an identity that would live up to the spirit of the name, while fuelling brand growth in the foodservice sector.

Using consumer research as our foundation, we developed a brand strategy to bring the eponymous mule to life as a furrow-browed, jutting-jawed ball of coffee fuelled energy, desperate for people to up the quality and sustainability of their coffee game. From the logo to the tone, the intention was to engage end consumers in the foodservice sector with his plight as a walking, talking, kicking and snorting character.

The result was a fully realised brand, from foodservice environments to retail packs and everything in between. Upon launch, the brand directly increased sales by 32% and has continued to drive excellent commercial returns. On the back of its success in the UK market, it is now set to be launched in the US.



A coffee brand that lives up to the name.