Manifestival 2015: Three days to go


Starboard! The Manifestival approaches #allplaynowork #manifestival

As the Manifestival fast approaches, we’re all bracing ourselves for something spectacular. The organising committee’s been dropping hints. There’s been a noticeable nautical theme on our internal emails. So it looks like we’ll be enjoying this year’s celebrations on some kind of beach? boat? dingy? yacht? It’s anybody’s guess!

The Manifestival is our annual staff celebration night. We come together to share stories from the last year, discuss the year ahead and reflect on what it really means to be a Manifestee. The last twelve months have seen a barrage of new faces, new clients and new disciplines – in short, it’s been a busy year and we’re looking forward to getting absolutely deckchaired.

Testament must go to the committee. Senior Designer, Bob Lynch has been leading the crew, with first-mate Jonny Graham, boatswain Mike Garlick and cabin boy Andrew Peacock all playing vital roles in keeping the top secret plans on course and under wraps.

All we can do now is wait. Will Thursday see us sailing into the sunset? Will we reach our destination unknown? Will we make our 8:30am conference call on Friday morning? Or will Bob walk the plank?

72 hours to go. We’ll keep you posted.

#allplaynowork #manifestival