Everything you always wanted to know about ilk London (but were afraid to ask)


If Page 1 of the grand plan was rebranding as ilk, then Page 2 was to open a new London office. And here we are, six months after we became ‘ilk’ and a fair few client wins later, it’s time we officially launched a permanent presence in the capital. We’re already down there all the time for all sorts of reasons, but joyful as Virgin Trains can be, it’s just not the same as having a proper base!

But now that we’ve got one, we’re excited about how it might improve the service we give our existing clients, and, of course, establishing ourselves as locals in a busy market. Beth Archer, our Client Services Director, will be leading our London operation, using all the savvy she’s built up through years of working in the capital for brands such as Sky and Accenture. Knowing London as she does, it’ll be like Jon Snow returning to Winterfell, but with fake fur and office plants instead of real fur and swords.

Anyway, the aim of it all isn’t just for the kudos of opening a new office (although that’s always nice!), it’s to help increase the scope of ilk nationwide. With offices in the North and South, we’ll be just as focused on delivering the integrated comms we’re known for, but we’ll be more nimble and flexible in servicing our clients and even better placed to embed ourselves in client markets that are constantly shifting and changing. The knock-on effect should be ever-stronger creative outputs that not only remain fresh and interesting, but deliver the sort of tangible impact that affects the balance sheet as well as the social media stats.

We’re already up and running with clients at the new office (some London, some international) so Beth and the team are certainly going to be busy, but our intention is very much that London and Leeds remain close so that we can make sure that the investment is to the benefit of ilk as a whole. The office itself is in Spitalfields, so aside from the daily opportunities to gorge on £12 falafel*, the London team will be in a prime location with easy access to both to the Leeds office and indeed wherever else our business may take them.

And that’s it for now. Watch this space for more info about the London-based projects we’re currently working on and for the odd progress report direct from Beth and her team. If you simply can’t wait and need to find out more immediately, you can contact Beth at beth@ilkagency.com or through info@ilkagency.com.

*You can take the office out of Yorkshire…