It’s coming up, it’s coming up, it’s coming up, It’s… Glug!


Manifest to host inaugural creative event in Leeds.

Having made its name in London in 2007, and having since branched out to Birmingham, New York, Beijing, Brighton, Edinburgh, Auckland and Stockholm, Glug is to hold its first creative and design event in Leeds on the 24th March.

Even better – Manifest will be co-hosting, hyping and generally helping make the magic happen. We’ll be Debbie Mcgee to Glug’s Paul Daniels; Carol Vorderman to Glug’s Richard Whitely; Snuffleupagus to Glug’s Big Bird.

Anyway, we’re looking to bring designers and creative sorts from across the city together for an evening of what Glug like to call ‘notworking’. They’ll be a quality roster of guest speakers (including high profile figures from Elmwood, Duke Studios and our very own Martin Farrar-Smith), and plenty of time to get well fed and thoroughly watered (all part of the service).

The theme of the first event is ‘Northern Soul’, so speakers will be exploring reasons why the North is a special place to be a creative in 2015.

If you fancy being involved with the event let us know by contacting us on If you fancy just coming along, do it!

For a full run down of the evenings events, visit, and to purchase tickets for the night, please visit